Come As You Are

Bonjour Wolfies! How was your weekend? Good I hope! Still basking in beautiful sunshine and hot hot hot temperatures in Southern England. Apparently there are storms forecast tonight and tomorrow, we shall see! The weather has been lovely, an awesome change from the usual downpours and grey skies. This week littlebearwolfs music posts will take you from last weeks swing & 80s influences into full on … Continue reading Come As You Are

Should I stay or Should I go?

Hello Wolfette’s, To continue our 1980s inspired weekend of music, (see SOTD Friday & Ridicule is nothing to fear blogs) I thought i’d bring you Saturday songs of a little different variety this week. Straight from the 80s I shall leave you with the following tunes to continue our rocking weekend! IRENE CARA WHAT A FEELING — AEROSMITH DUDE (LOOKS LIKE A LADY) — PIXIES … Continue reading Should I stay or Should I go?

Ridicule is nothing to be scared of

Hello Wolfette’s! Hope you enjoyed the song of the day, to get your weekend started I’ve compiled a list of number ones from the 80s and a few extra’s for good measure!! Enjoy! Straight in from 1980 THE JAM – GOING UNDERGROUND All the way from 1981 comes JOHN LENNON – IMAGINE ADAM & THE ANTS – STAND & DELIVER — THE SPECIALS – GHOST … Continue reading Ridicule is nothing to be scared of

Song Of The Day

Hello Wolfette’s! A little video to spruce up the final part of your week and get the weekend rolling into action! MELODRAMAS KIDS LOVE MELODRAMAS? Check out their facebook page & give them a cheeky like!  Keep an ear out on the radio as I know you’ll hear a few cheeky plays over the coming months! LOVE&PEACE littlebearwolf KG Continue reading Song Of The Day

Thursday Throwback

Hello Wolfette’s! Today is Thursday and we all know what that means!! THROWBACK THURSDAY I took inspiration from my cd collection today, I chose a band from my college days today. With hits like Mr. Brightside and Somebody Told Me, it’s no wonder they flew to popular mainstream, but what do they sound like today? Well with 2012s Battle Born release The Killers have proved they’ve … Continue reading Thursday Throwback

& a littlebear singin’ by the fireside

NEW EYES Nahko Bear – Medicine For The People — Hello Wolfette’s! Hope you have enjoyed littlebearwolfs posts today, you should definitely check out my littlebearwolf introducing featuring -Southampton boys Three Times Over, definitely worth a listen… This evening’s post is music focused still, but a little more spiritual. Today i’ve been doing a lot of work preparation and not had much time to relax. … Continue reading & a littlebear singin’ by the fireside

littlebearwolf Introducing: Three Times Over

Hello Wolfette’s, welcome! Another beautiful Summer’s day here in Southern England, I hope for those of you on distant shores the sun is also shining… It’s been a little while since I’ve put a band up on littlebearwolf Introducing. I wanted to broaden my blogging; so have been working with some wonderful stylists, photographers & artists, but this week I promised a refocus on local … Continue reading littlebearwolf Introducing: Three Times Over

Tuesday Tune

Hello Wolfette’s, To kick start Tuesday i’ve selected todays song of the day from my own personal music collection. I love this band. MODEST MOUSE Dashboard Check back later for littlebearwolf introducing, I have a great band to feature today! Along with what I am sure will be a couple more blogs for you to read too! Have an awesome day wolfette’s! LOVE&PEACE littlebearwolf … Continue reading Tuesday Tune

Like An American

AMERICAN Lana Del Rey Bonjour Wolfette’s! If you’ve come from Monday Music, I hope it got your week of to a rockin’ start! If your just joining us, welcome! You may want to check out the previous blogs after this post… So as I mentioned, I’ve had my love for Rockabilly, 50s America, Swing Dancing and just about all the burgers, hair pins and pelvis … Continue reading Like An American