Aloha, Ahoy, Hello internet friends, wanderers!

Almost two years to the day since I started sharing posts in this space, I return.

I’ve made friends & lost a few along the way. I’ve traveled & hidden in my house. I’ve been up, been down, forwards and backwards.

I left this space for a while, I took to writing from alternate spaces but with 2016 looming on the horizon, I’ve returned home.

Understanding that when I first created this space back in 2013, I was lost, it helped me to find myself but I lost sight of what this space was for me and in doing so lost part of my blog.

In the darkest, coldest part of the year, I’m here and I’d say I’m taking her back; but she’s always been mine, she’s always been a part of me – I’m just dusting her off & beckoning her from the shadows of the blogosphere.
My spirit, my freedom, my creativity, my escape, my dream, my business, my blog, your window to my world.

It’s good to be home.





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