I’m in the business of misery, let’s take it from the top




Hello Wolfies!

Just a quick post, I have to go to bed, sleep Z Z Z Z Z have hardly slept recently, not well anyway. I just wanted, well needed to share with you my evening. I returned to my old theatre group on the island. They were all so lovely, it was just an incredible feeling, being back in the company and business of performance.

I will have more details on the play and the society to come. I just needed to share my excitement of the evening with you all. I haven’t put time to do something I am passionate about in so long, in fact the last time I did it was with the exact same theatre group. I just needed to get out and live a little after. I returned this evening and I very much intend to make it a part of my personal interests again.

Hope you all have a lovely evening, tune in tomorrow for more music blogs!





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