Chapter II

Hello Wolfette’s,

I hope you are all well. Are you celebrating July 4th? Happy Independence Day American friends. Hope the rest of you have a great Thursday!

Chapter II

It seemed like the most appropriate title for this post.

Simply because today JULY 4 feels like the start of Chapter II. Chapter I started on 7th May 1988 and lasted 25 years. It saw childhood, teenage and my early twenties. It saw me go from child to young woman. Mostly it was the beginning of my journey in life.

At 16 I thought I had it figured. At 25 I know I don’t. I just feel calm in living my life day by day, making the most of the little things.

I’ve turned my life around in the last six months. From a path so far deviated from any of my dreams I may as well have been Alice, I knew I had to make changes.


Like I said in the past few posts, it’s been a rollercoaster. Though I finally feel that the choices I have made recently are suited to who I want to be, where i’d like to be and will set me in good stead to acheive the things i’d like to get done.

Obviously I have no idea what the future holds but as far as today goes, I have an idea of who I am, what I am doing and where I want to be.

I’d like to share the start of Chapter II with you by sharing a few of the changes i’ve made to my life.

In my personal life i’ve realised the importance of being happy and having good people to share my life with, there probably won’t be many but it’s not the number of friends you have that matters…

‘Everyone needs a place to come back to’

You can be in the most incredible place, doing the most incredible work but if you haven’t got anyone special to share it with, than it’s really only half as good.

I’ve learnt that dreams you have as a child or teen may not be the same dream you have as an adult and that it’s perfectly ok to change your mind and direction.

That success is not measured by the mountains you have seen, from the steps you have walked or the amount of money you made. It’s how you got through the mountains, how you felt about the steps you took and how you spend the money you made.

Hey it’s ok

To not know where you want to live for the rest of your life

If you don’t just have one career in mind

To be able to count your FRIENDS on one hand

To eat PIZZA and drink BEER to feel like you have WON the day

I’ve found a place to call home (for now) Gosport, Portsmouth, Hampshire. It’s not the hilly countryside I grew up in, but for me it’s the perfect mix of town, city, seaside. For the days when I need to escape back to the forest and the hills, it’s only a short trip from The New Forest.

I’m on the steps to moving out of Hotel Mum and Dad. It’s felt like a long time coming, i’ve moved in and out relentlessly since the age of 16. I knew this time it would need to be permanent and well suited to my life, it’s why i’m taking my time. Renting isn’t everyone’s perfect choice, but for me, it allows me to have independence and to upsticks should I feel the need.

I’m working towards a career not just living to work. I loved working in the fashion industry but it felt so empty at times, when everything else fell apart, fashion just wasn’t the escape I needed. I love fashion but I take it in all of it’s frivolity. I never take myself or my image to seriously. Life’s too short to spend it being miserable.
Writing, photography and all the work i’m taking up now is because it means something to me, it’s something that I can be passionate about.

I’m not hellbent on earning millions of pounds, of course moneys nice. I can live without it too, only when you have lived on bare means can you truly appreciate all the things you have in your life. I do what I do because I enjoy it, because I can, not because I have to. I work to live, life’s too short to live to work.

I’m rediscovering friendship, understanding what makes real friends real.

Making time for hobbies, time to do things I enjoy just because I want to. Whether it’s dressing up in clothes or acting in a play, singing on stage, reading a book just making sure I have things in my life that aren’t dependent on income or personal aquaintances.

Lastly making time to relax. In a world that never sleeps or stops, it’s incredibly hard to time out. Even more so to switch off completely. On days off I still find myself ‘tweeting’, ‘facebooking’ and more recently ‘blogging’. That is why I try to find an hour each evening in which I can just stop. Turn everything off and enjoy my own being. I’m trying to ensure one day off per week that is simply spent winning. No tweeting, blogging or facebooking, not even texting or calling if possible. Just simply being.

Expect many photo’s and posts to come in all aspects of the things I like to share on littlebearwolf. Now I have a place to come back to, I am on the lookout for a little space to call my own. Things will continue to be a little hectic here for now, but I have settled on the South Coast for the forseeable future to share my life with the people who are special to me.

Have you recently moved, perhaps you’ve met someone incredible or changed direction? I’d love to hear your stories, feel free to message me at

From my Southern seaside town home I hope you all have a lovely afternoon.

I’m going to share a few photos in a separate post once I’ve had time to discover the area and found some places to post about.





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