Bonjour wolfette’s!

Firstly HAPPY 4TH JULY to all my


friends, followers, wanderers, to anyone else who is celebrating today.

american-flag bald_eagle

I’m not American, no. However I have a deep and passionate love for America. Though today i’m finding my own INDEPENDENCE.

If you’ve been following my posts under whatlittlebearwolfdid then you’ll know that I have since the beginning of this year, been finding my own two feet.

I went from being desperately miserable to lost to just following my heart, to finally finding an understanding of who I was. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions.

littlebearwolf was created at the beginning of that change and throughout the last 4 months has remained consistent as a big part of my life. Blogging enabled me to interact with people I would otherwise not have met. It has given me courage, strength and somewhere to develop my dreams.

I’m just starting the next chapter of my life, at 25 i’ve just begun my journey.

I hope you will all continue to follow and support littlebearwolf as I hope to continue posting and following my dreams. Thank you, each of you for taking the time to follow, read and support my blog.






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