Hello Wolfette’s

Thank you for your continued follows and support. It’s lovely knowing that people are taking an interest in what I am writing about.

I feel a little meh this evening, this whole day has seemed somewhat melancholic. From the first post this morning to this post this evening, I’ve just felt a little down.

Maybe i’m just tired, everything seems a little relentless at the moment. I just feel as though i’m being dragged along by things and left behind in others. I just find people and situations extremely difficult at times. HAKUNAMATATA it means no worries… when the world turns it’s back on you, you turn your back on the world.


I was going to do a fashion post this evening about an awesome dress I was gifted. I had planned to wear it to see the boy, though our plans changed and I am no longer stepping out this evening. So I will have to keep you waiting a little while longer, but I promise to take some photos of it styled into an outfit first thing tomorrow morning, so you can all see the lovely dress :) It’s far too cool to keep you waiting for the next time I get all dressed up! I can put my Wednesday clothes back on after!

I figured that as I was feeling a little down, I would post on here, it normally makes me feel a little better, just to get words out there y’know. I hope I’ll feel better tomorrow, though I think I know what’s really getting to me, just i’m a little powerless towards it.

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start

Nido Qubein

I thought I would share some photos from my instagram with you Wolfette’s, things that remind me it’s not all bad… these photographs have all been taken in the four months that littlebearwolf has been up and running as a blog :)

1640_154378284727780_607283585_n 7956_186099284889013_573868512_n 13484_171389699693305_1692328002_n 71868_137292756436333_1238584232_n 150924_127436834088592_376265410_n 156398_141870682645207_1942354888_n 228507_171388433026765_1431011502_n 249112_173105782855030_1256661608_n 299765_146211678877774_911686542_n 379576_176759672489641_1819509201_n 408788_154489068050035_1310038433_n 482547_141870715978537_1250597752_n 529911_146211555544453_1460058504_n 548762_143853902446885_1003068267_n 551986_154095971422678_1134695786_n 554995_159194277579514_899514462_n 558107_159195134246095_2027267556_n 561386_158567814308827_835187784_n 563250_159195277579414_1446806115_n 564456_159196490912626_1092704684_n 922991_171389723026636_851179384_n 935609_167840923381516_2004694435_n 936106_177904232375185_594674501_n 936972_178933032272305_1278663154_n 943405_170721186426823_1744771230_n 946806_173066686192273_404965231_n 998993_189210221244586_1760905054_n 1005109_188314511334157_1477945594_n 1010316_189210194577922_1184373200_n 1013176_189210234577918_1651718283_n

I really enjoy taking photographs of the little things in everyday life, so maybe I will do more of these type of posts in the future?!

I hope you enjoyed the photos i’ve shared with you Wolfette’s, now time for a little music…

David Geftakys – Games We Play


this video from Nahko Bear- Build A Bridge







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